6 Important Things About Newborn Photography for Expecting Mothers!

newborn photographyHave you planned for a newborn photography session for your newborn baby? This must be a really magical and hard-to-believe situation you are having right not. The privilege to have a baby grow inside you and to become a mother in 9 months’ time must sound like a really big change! And the very first thing your baby is going to experience is to have a baby photography session!

And here are 6 things that you need to know, so you can plan your photography session smoothly with the right photographer.

1. When to plan

As soon as you heard that you are pregnant, you have so many things that you know you need to do. You need to buy furniture, clothes, pregnancy needs, make space for a nursery room, etc. And while photography is in the list, you are probably thinking to plan it much later during your pregnancy months.

We recommend starting looking the photographer now whenever you have the time to. Search online on newborn baby photography and photographers that are available around you. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to do this during your first trimester, you can wait until your second trimester.

2. Book early!

After you consult with them, don’t postpone your decision until months later! You have to book the photographer at least 3 months ahead because then, you will have your favorite photographer secured for further discussions later. Many photographers are booked early and since we can never be sure about our due date, a photographer wants to make sure he has enough time spread in between clients.

3. Get your references

If you don’t know what kind of pictures you can get in newborn photography, check out https://suekennedy.co.uk/ for great examples. This is also the site of a professional newborn baby photographer we recommend to our readers.

4. Find a careful professional

The thing with newborn photography is that being professional in photography isn’t the only important thing. Photographers have to watch out for something that is even more important; the baby’s safety. A newborn baby is not supposed to be brought around a lot during his first weeks of life. So, the location of the set must be clean and comfortable for a newborn baby.

5. Variety of props

To make your newborn baby pictures unique, your photographer must have a range of props ready to be used. You can choose them, let the photographer make his own choices or even bring your own to include. Maybe you have a hairband that is the family’s heirloom or something that you really want your baby to be wearing.

But aside from being varied, as mentioned before, your photographer should know how to use them. You need to give your consent before he uses any that could be harmful to your baby.

6. Be involved

Your newborn photographer will definitely ask you to be involved in the session. It won’t be complete for a newborn photography session to be done without the parents in them. You can wear something comfortable and it doesn’t have to be especially shiny, or attractive. Wear semi-formal and plain for the session.

What a Wedding Photographer Andover Do on First Meeting

wedding photographer AndoverYou have probably scheduled for a meeting with a potential client who loved your work. The next challenge now is how you can convince them from the first meeting that you are a good wedding photographer Andover for them. That might be hard to do due to the fact that you don’t have as many significant experiences as others do.

But this does not mean you will not be able to land on that first job. There is always a first to everything and we all start somewhere. So, here’s the trick to making sure the first meeting will give them a good enough impact.

Be confident of yourself

Who will believe in you if you cannot believe in yourself? Those potential clients don’t know you and they are here to have you convince them that you can do the job. So, it’s part of your job to be confident and in fact, that’s what professional wedding photographers do that makes people believe in them easily. The way you present yourself should show that you are eager on this job.

The client might have met other photographers before you, so it’s best that you do not try to ‘educate’ them on a wedding photographer. There are other ways to show your confidence, such as answering their questions honestly as for how you are. Prepare for questions like experiences that you know will make you sound small.

Answer in a way that makes you still look favorable and that it doesn’t matter to be a beginner. Preparing like this will easily boost your confidence when you meet them.

Help them like a friend

These clients might have met many other photographers, but they might have never prepared wedding parties before. This is most probably their first wedding and it’s going to take quite a lot of research for them to prepare for it. So, another thing you can do is to give them free advice like a professional wedding photographer Andover, Danish Apple Photography, would do.

Why is this a good thing? People like to rely on someone who has the expertise. You are the expert in wedding photography, although not with as much experience as others. But at least you know more than them and it makes you someone reliable if you share your knowledge with them. But always keep in mind to not sound like you are educating them. You are helping them.

Listen more, speak less

For it to become a good conversation there has to be a two-way speech going on. That means you let them talk as well as answer their questions. Keep it a casual conversation and try to get to know about each other in general and about the wedding in particular. Make it something they enjoy doing because then they will feel less hesitant to contact you back.

A professional wedding photographer Andover usually finds themselves in a pinch, especially in the conversation part. Keep these 3 things in mind when you are about to meet a potential client and always prepare yourself. It will make you feel less nervous and more prepared to meet them.

Here Are 4 Things That Will Help with Your Newborn Photography London Session

newborn photography LondonAre you struggling with what you need for your next newborn photography London session? We know that a lot of photographers are having problems with trying to keep the baby calm, tracking the time, etc. There are many more things that you probably didn’t know are important!

Let’s start with keeping the baby calm and content.

White noise

A complete silence is often the worst moment that we’ve ever encountered. It’s dreading, it uncomfortably makes you over conscious of every single thing and keeps you awake most of the time. That’s the same for babies as their brains begin to register irregular noises like chatting voices or things being moved.

Download an app that will play background white noise or loop a tune that will help keep the baby calm. The bonus is that even you can enjoy listening to the white noise while it calms down your senses and keeps your focus sharp.


A baby needs warmth to stay calm, happy and asleep. The room temperature has to be slightly higher than what you are comfortable with because the baby is naked. Unless you are shooting with the baby dressed all the time, pay attention to this. Set the room’s temperature 15 minutes before the parents arrive.

Another way to keep the room warm if you don’t want to heat up the whole room is to use a portable heater. Have it placed at a comfortable distance facing towards the baby. There are various ways you can employ to keep the room warm during a newborn photography London session and this is one of it.

Another method we learned from Stephen Bruce Photography is to warm up the blankets before using them. Using hot steams on the blankets or placing warm rice socks (or the like) between the piles will keep them warm and won’t shock the baby when you change the blanket.

Parents’ help

Don’t hesitate to ask the parents’ help when you’re not sure of something! The parents know better and you also won’t be held responsible during then if you feel like you’re moving the baby in the wrong way. It will also keep the parents engaged during the session as they have to wait for hours.

And the last but not the least is…

Preparing the parents

Tell them what to expect in a photography but don’t stop there. Tell them what they can do to smoothen out the process and save the time both of you have to spend. For example, parents can try feeding the baby and putting him to sleep while on the way to the studio. So, by the time they got there, everything is prepared and the baby is ready to have his pictures taken.

Help them understand that they will also be invited to have their pictures taken. They need to dress up, but there’s no need to be excessive in doing it. Simple makeup with the semi-casual outfit are good enough to not stand out with the newborn baby in the picture. Wearing those clothes will also help them stay relaxed during the newborn photography London process.

How to Get a Professional Wedding Photography Edinburgh Service?

wedding photography EdinburghA wedding photographer will always tell you that he is the right person for your job. But it’s important that you are able to discern for yourself who the real wedding photographer is. That means you need to be able to see the characteristics of a real photographer to see if he’s the person that will fit the job. And for that purpose, we are here to show you how you can find one for your wedding!

Budget and negotiating

Wedding photography Edinburgh is one of the most expensive items in preparing a wedding. It may be well above the price of your wedding dress! That is why you need to carefully consider the budget that you can allow for wedding photography. This will make it easy to look at photographers that are available for you without being swayed to pay way above what you can.

Don’t worry as negotiation is typically available for wedding photography. You can ask to adjust the wedding photography package to something that includes only what you need for your photography. Some photographers even allow customization of your own package with a base price.

A flexible range of budget is obviously the better choice, as long as it is still within your capabilities. Be sure to also compare the benefits despite the price differences between photographers.

Style and preferences

You have your own preference and not every photographer has the same as you. That is why you need to find someone who can really shoot like you want them to be. The bigger problem here is that you need to find out if the photographer can also shoot as if he knows your vision. If we may recommend a wedding photography Edinburgh service, it’s www.andrewweild.com.

If this person has the style that you like, you can be reassured that he captures pictures the way his clients love them. Some photographers stick with one style for every couple, which isn’t a good thing if you consider how they are not really representing what you want. On the other hand, if you are okay with the photographer’s personal approach, the recommendation we gave you would be amazing.


The photographer needs to have a good personality. There are many reasons to say this as a photographer will be involved with your wedding for the whole day if not less. He will be that person that follows you around and captures everything that happened to you on that day. It will feel a bit like hiring a stalker if you are not used to his presence.

It will also feel uncomfortable to your guests and family members who need to have their pictures captured as well. But it will be different if you had hired a photographer with a warm personality who greets everyone beforehand. That photographer will also make it to your wedding rehearsal to meet everyone else.

These are the three most important things you must remember when looking for a wedding photography Edinburgh service. You want the best and everyone else said they are. That means it’s up to you to spot out the right person for you.

Introduction to Wedding Photography

Grand Rapids photographers This concise guide will briefly help you through a quick introduction to wedding photography. You will start with getting to know different types of photography style to why you should or should not hire multiple Grand Rapids photographers. This is a critical decision because your wedding pictures and videos are the only solid memories that are left from the day!

Approach and style

There are several approaches popular currently for taking wedding pictures. The first one is fine art style where the photographer is a more of a visual person. He focuses on the look and how to create that picture that just stuns you. You will typically think that the pictures are just gorgeous and lovely even when you don’t know who those people are.

The other style is the documentary style. The photographer often takes a quiet and discreet approach as if they are hiding behind the curtains. The style focuses on capturing moment after moment throughout the day as if you are reading a beautiful love story. Once you open it, you can’t stop reading until the end of the book and find yourself flipping through the album once again.

There are also a lot of photographers making use of both styles, but most of the time, you are able to discern them quite easily. Documentary style pictures may not have looked so stunning, but the moment in that picture is just so personal to you, it feels like a picture with lots of hidden meanings. Fine art style produces pictures you want to brag to everyone about and you can’t stop staring at it. People might think you are narcissistic!

Choosing the right person

Not everyone who calls themselves a professional wedding photographer is legit. From so many Grand Rapids photographers, you have to carefully choose one that truly is professional. Let’s start with our recommendation, www.chrystinmelaniephotography.com. The easiest way to find a photographer that is reliable is through recommendation.

Check out their portfolios to see if you like what they do. Before anything, you need to choose whose pictures you enjoy the most and ask for more portfolios during the consultation. You need to look at their overall work for a more objective decision. The photographer must also be someone that you can talk to easily and feel comfortable with or you will be stressed out during your wedding day.

An insured photographer is also a better choice as many venues want to ensure that only insured photographers work in their place. It also ensures your protection in a way and a sign of seriousness from the photographers themselves.

What you need!

How many photographers should you hire? Some people say that having more is always better. In this case, though, if you could hire only one, it would save a lot of money and prevent disturbing the guests unwantedly. A private to medium-sized wedding parties only need a single wedding photographer. If you do realize that you are holding a big party, two Grand Rapids photographers could be a good thing.

When choosing the right package, you can always negotiate to customize it on your own, so you’ll only pay for what you really want.

How to Stand Out in Front of Your Clients

wedding photographers DorsetWe are living in the age where everything is available. There is virtually nothing new to sell unless you are an innovator. But wedding photographers Dorset only have their photography skills to sell. That makes it hard to stand out among 100 other photographers doing the exact same thing at different prices.

You need to become someone different while selling the same thing. How to do that?

Focus on photography

You need to remember that you are a photographer. Rather than thinking of it like a businessman all the time, focus on how you can become a better photographer. Remember that your clients are people who also seek out the best, not the cheapest. They are willing to pay more if they can get someone better.

Improving your photography skills can bring people who are willing to spend more on you. That also means you have to have strict rules and standard in how you do things. You won’t take up too much job at once and you also don’t compromise your quality just because someone is hiring you for only 2 hours.

Show dedication all the time

A lot of photographers don’t really talk in length on the first consultation. Provided that their clients won’t hire them anyway, they think it is better to just introduce themselves and talk for a while. They already have their own decision and are probably here to get better knowledge on wedding photography.

Yet, you don’t know when you can waver their decisions easily. If you just know how to appeal what they consider as the most important, you can make them think you’re the one.

One of the wedding photographers Dorset from www.martinbell-photography.co.uk tells us that a lot of clients spilled out the beans about it. They initially were not settled on anyone or already had plans to hire someone else until they met him.

A photographer’s way with words can easily sway people if only you know what they like the most. For example, if the potential client comes in and tells you that he wants to shoot outdoor, what can you talk about? Show them your experience with outdoor weddings. You can also tell them some outdoor tips and tricks as if you are spilling some secrets they probably didn’t know about.

Have and show your insurance!

It’s important to have an insurance because the market now demands so. A lot of wedding venues are putting that as a standard practice; they don’t want unknown photographers with no experience to work and break something in their hall. If your clients don’t already know, tell them why it matters!

Do something different

It is always good to have a hobby outside of your job that is still in the photography field. For example, having the hobby of taking pictures of the stars, the city, or editing pictures with unique filters. If you just learn to apply them to your wedding photography, you might be able to bring about a change to everything. Like that dude who turns all his clients into miniatures.

If you want to stand out among wedding photographers Dorset, the job to become someone different is up to your skill. But we here have given you the guideline to follow.

4 Tips for Starting a Wedding Photography Business

wedding photographer EssexHow hard is it to start a wedding photography business? Well, to be honest, it’s not easy. Heck, a lot of people retreated after they did a little venture in it. They figured that this job is only for the determined and strong-hearted ones. And they are right. Except that they are actually missing a couple more points. A wedding photographer Essex needs more than just determination to start off well.

What matters more

Those people that say you need more determination are actually saying that they lack the passion. Why would you need determination if you’re passionate about capturing romantic and beautiful wedding pictures? There’s no need to try so hard in it if your heart is already set to do your best.

Yes, you definitely need to cultivate it from time because just like anyone else, you can be tired of doing the same job after so many years have passed. Yet, with passion, you can always figure a new way of doing things. Trends and time change, so why don’t you?

Get your portfolios

It’s important that you have something to show to people when you’re about to start off. It’s often a question where you should start and how would anyone hire you. What’s worse is that everyone expects you to be experienced, but it’s contradictory to the fact that a beginner can never get one if you need one to even begin your first job.

Get your portfolios by sacrificing your time to take some without charges. That’s right. Do your best in it and capture those pictures. Aim to edit them as if you’re a professional wedding photographer Essex like in www.studiorochford.co.uk.

A sacrifice at this time is worth the results that you will get. If no one will pay you for it, then do it for free. At least, you can offer to volunteer for a close friend’s or relative’s wedding. If you have the passion, this is easier to do.

Prepare yourself

From the wide-range of photographer business, you tend to meet most unreasonable clients (and parents) in wedding photography. They do have some legitimate reasons to be so and one of them is because this wedding is the only one in their life, hopefully. They cannot afford any mistakes; it has to be perfect.

But you, on the other hand, is only a human that is capable of making mistakes. If that’s how it is, remember: practice makes perfect. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, keep practicing it. Prepare and rehearse what you should do as many times as you need.

Make further preparations

Aside from preparing yourself, remember that you also need to do your job professionally from the start. Bring at least extra batteries and memory cards with you and don’t forget your camera’s charger. Remember to bring necessary props, like umbrellas in case it rains and reflectors in case the sun shines too bright.

Take out a one-day insurance if you haven’t taken a full one, yet. It will be useful and put your heart more at ease. Even if you won’t make a lot from your first job, it’s a good way to gain experience and build a good image of yourself as a wedding photographer Essex.

A Talented Wedding Photographer Isn’t Everything You Need

Hampshire wedding photographerIt seems that the trend of the world lately likes to emphasize that experience and training means nothing in front of real talents. It’s like comparing sapphire and ruby to diamond in the rough. But, let’s face the fact: you can wear a sapphire ring, but not a diamond in the rough. Unless that wedding photographer Hampshire is properly taught on how to best take wedding pictures, he won’t be better than amateur.

Predictions and anticipations

An experienced photographer can tell you roughly what will happen. They themselves are prepared for it and the body remembers and acts faster than the brain can process. This aids them when they need to be quick in the middle of the party when multiple things are happening across the room. It saves them the time and pain of having to leave one and go for the other.

Even if he can’t be sure about something, he can always predict what will happen and throw you a row of suggestions. For example, what to do when the officiant tell you that no cameras are allowed during the ceremony?

The photographer will then be able to tell you what you can do to help them if possible. It will benefit them both in terms of what really matters. You want a complete wedding album and they want a high rating from you.

Portfolios as proof of capability

Another thing they can give is proof of capability. Those aren’t just lucky or solo shots from a wedding. They can provide you a full album of a couple’s commission. A wedding photographer Hampshire such as the one who owns www.danishapple.com can do just that if you want.

This helps you better see the photographer’s overall style without getting biased over only the best one. A person might be referred to be talented just because several good shots he got but has never worked on an actual job before.

Tackling everything

Not all wedding is going to proceed as you always planned and hoped for. Rain can pour mercilessly and the sun can shine and burn the skin of the guests. In this situation, your photographer is faced with a big problem of trying to make the best possible on that day.

When you can’t think that positively, your photographer cannot be affected by it. He has to be dedicated enough to figure out a way to take the pictures under harsh weather. His ability to judge and act would be very important. But you don’t want to risk your dress wet over a person who’s never shot under the rain, would you?

An experienced individual has gone through similar problems before and knowing that will help you to calm down. It’s not something new and there are people in his hands who’ve survived and still love their pictures. You can even ask to be shown those pictures as references.

It helps you to trust your photographer better in that situation. Without having to have more weighing on your mind, you can just follow the directions of the photographer. You know that you’ll love what your wedding photographer Hampshire will do with your wedding album.

Wedding Photography Package: What’s Usually in There

Lancashire wedding photographyTrying to compare and figure out what you really need from your Lancashire wedding photography package? It’s true that photographers can offer a different range of services in their package. It then affects the price that you have to pay, the number of pictures you get, so on and so forth.

Here are the things that are commonly in wedding photography packages. We’ll classify which one is important and what you can eliminate to reduce the cost.

Hours and coverage

Many photographers offer extra coverage in their packages. They notice the range of things that we do in the days that follow up to our big day. For example, there’s the engagement session, wedding rehearsal session, and even bridal shower. They’ll put extra 2 hours in their package and allow you to freely choose when to use them as long as they’re within the time range.

This is a great choice for those who love pictures. But if you’re concerned about your budget, focus on the hours that you need on your wedding day. Is 8-hour too long? Some couples hire for only four hours to cover their reception part or their ceremony and some formal pictures. Get your priority lined up and you’ll figure out how many hours you get.

Number of pictures

This won’t affect the price that is dealt on your photography package as they are only digital files. However, you have to compare them to the number of hours you hire them for. The longer it is, the more pictures you should be getting. Let’s see how many assuming you booked for a Lancashire wedding photography from a professional at www.nicholamortonblog.com.

An hour should get you anywhere around 75-150 pictures, depending on the event and your photographer. While quantity isn’t as important as the quality of the pictures, they do show a complete record of your wedding. You’ll also be able to see more of your wedding day in still picture. If you hired Nichola Morton for the whole day, you should be getting at least 700+ pictures of the day.

One or two photographers

The number of photographers you’ll be needed depends on the size of the wedding. Although most photography that is operated by two people are usually inseparable. You cannot ask for a single photographer in hopes of getting a discount.

Such people don’t price themselves higher than those that work alone. That explains a lot especially if you are going to have quite the big party but seeking out budget photographers. They aren’t ‘budget’ but knowing that you’ll have two people in charge means there’s no need to be worried about the coverage.

Know the limit of a single photographer and when it’s not enough.

Will you get an album or not

Most photographers provide online gallery service, which does not cost much, to begin with. It’s a way to cut down on your spending as you can share the pictures with your family members by sharing the link. You can also download them and share them to your social media accounts without worrying about the copyright.

However, wedding album is a very important thing that will be passed down to your future generations. You’ll want your sons and daughters to have something left about you, so they won’t be alone. During your life, there’ll be numerous occasions where you just want to reminisce the old days. A wedding album is a great way to do just that and It’d be such a shame to not get one directly from your photographer.

These are a couple of important things to be reminded of your Lancashire wedding photography package.

Great Things About Two Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersOne photographer can only do this much. Two professional Adelaide wedding photographers can make astonishing results for your wedding album. There are a lot of rarely spoken of reasons that multiple photographers do a lot of benefits to your wedding picture collection.

It takes less than 3 minutes for you to finish this article and perhaps by the end of this, you’ll get a different outlook on this matter.

Better coverage

The first obvious benefit would be the wide coverage two photographers can do. If the room is especially big and you’re planning to invite everyone you know, you know that it’s going to be a lot of people and things to shoot. You definitely don’t want to miss a thing, however, there’s a lot of things that your photographer is responsible for.

Know that there’s a limit to what one person can do. Two photographers can assure that the wedding will be covered better and you’ll eliminate the risk of important moments being missed. But there’s something better than this.

Varied angle

Two photographers mean you can snap the scene from two or more different perspectives. If one can only snap that first kiss from a straight angle, you don’t get to see the face of both people.  There’s also a single angle when daddy brings her daughter up the aisle.

Now, we know that this day is a very special day for you. There’s no doubt that you just don’t want your Adelaide wedding photographers to miss a thing. But, look at what panacheweddings.com.au has done to their clients. Beauty is not gained within just one, but multiple pictures! You can see how that moment looks like from the various angle there.

Better coordination

If you hire two photographers that have long worked with each other, you know that you can trust in their teamwork. This is very important especially when they have to do two different things and be separated for a very long time. For example, for the dress-up part or during group pictures.

Panache Weddings is made up of two photographers who are married to each other and have known each other’s part for a very long time. This makes it easy for them to coordinate things and make sure that they go different pictures of the day.

During the morning dress-up session, one can go to the bride and the other can go to groom. Time is of the essence and getting everything done quickly by professional is important. That’s why two photographers do well, especially if bride and groom will do this in different locations.

Remember when you attend someone’s wedding and have to wait up for the group pictures? Have you ever thought that it means the photographer has to spend minutes and sometimes hours just sitting there and wait for people to gather? That’s what’s going to happen with your wedding if you don’t take proper countermeasures.

Of course, you need to discuss things properly with your Adelaide wedding photographers, but having one more person can cover the scenes inside the hall.

If all it takes is one more photographer, don’t you think that it’s really worth the time you’ve spent on all those decorations and preparations you’ve made?

Beyond the Equipments, Experiences and Skill

The photographer-client relationship

wedding photographers HampshireA good photographer at the end of the day would have made you and your bride a very happy couple. A bad wedding photographer Hampshire? Not so much.

It goes way beyond knowing how to use a camera, or how to properly edit a photo or properly compose a creative shot. It goes beyond the gadget he or she brings to the wedding or how sophisticated the equipment are. Someone said that a good photographer should have a website where clients can go through his work and should be active on social media and so on. No doubt, when looking for a good wedding photographer, you look at these things too – work ethic, experience and skill. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately (depending on how you see it), it goes beyond all these.

A good wedding photographer can be trusted. Being able to earn your customer’s trust is a vital skill that is bound to take you places you’ve never been. No matter how fantastic your shots are, your attitude needs to be better otherwise, you will hardly get good recommendations and positive reviews from clients. Mind you, there are countless wedding photographers out there whose skills and experiences can match yours.

Be honest with your clients

When meeting your clients for the first time, portray honesty. Alongside a good portfolio, it is what I will always look out for. Let your clients know that you cannot do the job if you feel it is not favourable and tell them why. If you have another job elsewhere on that particular day and you will not be able to meet up or make it to the venue in time, let them know.

You will meet your clients way before the wedding date. Your first impression matters. A lot. Clients generally understand that it is difficult figuring people out – you can easily see how good or skilful wedding photographers Hampshire like http://www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk/are by going through their social media pages and portfolio. But how dependable and trustworthy he or she can be is a different story entirely. Clients are aware and trust me, they are watching out for this. And if the couple feels you are being dishonest at some point, that may very well be the end of that opportunity. You have to present yourself as an open, transparent book with nothing to hide pertaining to your job.

Ensure your customers understand what you say or intend to do. Don’t intentionally skip sketchy details. If you will be providing a written contract, which you should do, use direct, simple and clear statements that pass across the message effortlessly.

Be humorous

I for one, will not hire wedding photographers Hampshire who cannot make me smile even just a little. Humour is not taught. As a wedding photographer, you can’t afford to be closemouthed. Unfortunately, you have to talk or learn how to talk. You will obviously talk more than the number of shots you will take; what you say should be directed at elating your clients and their guests because you have to capture those raw, pure, joyful emotions. If you don’t have good vibes around you, the people in your photos will most likely be flat and dull and your photographs will be no better. A lot can happen at the wedding and you will have no control over the situation – the couple’s car might break down or rain might decide to wet the day. What you can control is the joy you put on people’s faces as they smile for the camera.

Wedding Photography: Unraveling the Myth

fine art wedding photographyWith the Internet advancing so fast, many things are changing and uploaded to the network. We are seeing ‘guides’, ‘answers’, and ‘explanations’ everywhere. This has reached a point that we are to take everything we read online with a grain of salt.

Right now, you’ll be seeing some truths from the so-called ‘tips’ for your wedding photography. There’s a lot of revolving explanations on reportage, fine art wedding photography, as well as directions you should give your wedding photographer.

Is experience really irrelevant?

When I see people saying that couples should not be looking at experienced photographers, it’s like saying that you have no problem with paying a 5-star restaurant price for food that is cooked by an amateur.

Am I saying that those newbies are amateurs? By all means, they don’t have the proof to show that they are professionals either. So, really, experience does not matter? Think again.

They’ve dealt with more weddings than you know. Each wedding has its own problems. The fact that your wedding photographer has gone through the process and learned from it means that you have fewer things to worry about.

They know what you should know. Imagine you, right now, has no idea what to see from a wedding photographer except their portfolios. Experienced people, on the other hand, can tell you how to prevent certain things and how to help you out if there’s nothing you can do. It’s just something that experience teaches a lot.

And more. There are reasons why wise people are always related to having a beard and being older. Because spending more time in a field does make you a better person in it.

Shotlist is necessary, so your photographer won’t miss a thing

This is another funny thing I’ve heard. They said you should write a long ass list of things to shoot, probably down to the amount.

Come on, so you’re deciding what your photographer should shoot? Of course, you paid for his service, which makes you have a say in what and how he works. But, is it really necessary to go this far?

To be honest, there are enough photographers saying that this has to stop. Shotlistain’tgonna help with a thing. It screws up their schedule and feeling. Let me tell you, on their behalf, why so.

Imagine that you’re an architect working on designing the interior of an apartment. You’ve done this every day; that corner should look like this, there needs a separator between these rooms, so on and so forth. And then the owner comes and tell you that, no, you shouldn’t draw like that. He gives you detailed instructions on how the room should look like down to the detailed décor.

That just beat the purpose of hiring a professional, to begin with. Professional wedding photographer, such as Julia and You who has been providing fine art wedding photography for years, knows by heart what to shoot. They’ve been doing the same job for more than a hundred times.

It does not mean you don’t have a say in anything else you want to have pictures taken of.

If there’s someone you definitely want to have pictures taken with, or if you want extra pictures with your grandma in her best dress, that’s all right. Tell your photographer and make it clear about special requests like this.

How to Get Brides to Do Boudoir Photography with You

boudoir photographyMore and more brides are getting more interested in doing boudoir photography. As more husbands are also showing how they love what their loved ones did for them, it’s the best time for you to market this potentially growing market.

Of course, you cannot casually include it into your main website that offers wedding photography packages. It’s going to need a separate page for itself. But how to make people want to take a look?

Talk to the brides in private

Since that boudoir pictures are always meant to be a surprise to husbands, you’ll want to offer this secretly to the brides. You can call her phone or leave her a private e-mail about this. Don’t spoil the fun!

Explain what boudoir is

Some women are reluctant to do it as they thought that boudoir is identical to pornstars and nude pictures. It’s always reassuring if you are able to explain the true meaning behind boudoir and how it is usually done. Women will have more chances of considering doing something they know will not affect their reputation.

It’s also important to remind your brides that they won’t be doing nudes in front of people they just met. Especially if you are a male photographer, you have to be careful with this.

Help them and give suggestions

Not everybody is used to being in front of a camera, and definitely, not everybody is going to be comfortable wearing thin clothes and underwear in front of a camera. It’s always better if you can talk and communicate things with them. Help them gain confidence and let them build trust in you. Things like body size, curves, and insecurities of flaws in their physical appearances should be dismissed.

Encourage them that their partner will love the pictures because it’s them, not because of the curves or their ideal body weight.


Finding the right time to do it is crucial. It is best that boudoir photography is done as close as possible to the wedding day as brides have gone through all the necessary facial care and diet. They’ll be in their best condition as they prepare for the wedding. They also won’t look different to when they give the album to their partner.

Help them arrange their schedules and make sure that their partner won’t find out what’s going on. This needs skill at times, so you’ll want to let brides think about the right time to do it.

What to wear

As best as possible, tell them to bring their own clothes and outfits. Suggesting them to do some shopping for lingerie and corsets is also good. They can wear it for the boudoir and on their first night.

Show some previous works

Not all brides like to have their boudoir photos exposed. As much as possible, ask if It’s possible to use pictures that don’t reveal their face to be used as a reference. Keep your promise and only allow it for private use and showing to potential clients only.

Use portfolios of various women. Not just those with ideal body sizes, but also those who are a little heavy and chubby. The way to appeal to insecure women is to show that even those who we think have flaws can appear sexy and alluring.