Lighting is a key ingredient in any good wedding photo.

wedding photographer LeicesterYou may wonder why wedding photographer always demand that you do the wedding photography at this specific time of the day when the shoot can always be done at some other time. The answer they’ll probably tell you is because of the lighting. A good wedding photographer Leicester understands how crucial lighting is and its position in creating stunning and amazing wedding photography. There needs to be a proper balance of the three characteristics of lighting to get top quality wedding photos. One of the three characteristic of lighting that ultimately affects the wedding photography is the position of the light source. Positioning the light source in certain way affects the mood, texture and atmosphere of the wedding pictures. There are various positions which the photographer can play with to create different moods for the wedding pictures.

One lighting position that adds essence of dramatic artistry in those solo wedding photographs is side-lighting.

From the name itself, it technically means having a light source located at the side so the side of the subject is lit. This lighting adds drama to any wedding photo through creating long shadows and adding depth to an image. It is important to note that lighting in wedding photography doesn’t have the same definition as the mundane usage of the word lighting. Typically, lighting is associated with the shadows being produced by the light source which affect the overall quality and mood of a photo. Another lighting position which you can try for your wedding photography is back lighting. Having your light source be located at the back of your subject can create amazing silhouettes which give wedding pictures mystery.

This would be a great kind of lighting to use when you have wedding photography in woodlands or any location which can give you mist or dust.

Or, you can create smoky effects with your wedding pictures by combining this lighting with a smoke machine. This is great when the wedding photography style is fine-art or high fashion wedding photography style. If this isn’t your type you can also go with soft or diffuse lighting. This type of lighting is when your light is positioned so that it is evenly distributed to all of your subjects. This type of light reduces contrast and shadow formation.

This is a great light to use when you are doing wedding photography that is outside where you are using the natural light of the sun as your light source. Picture a mid-morning wedding where everything is lighted and the rays of the sun are not too harsh. This lighting position is best when the wedding photography style is the traditional one. Some people find this lighting position too bland opt for a rim lighting position instead. In rim light, a wedding photographer would position the light so it would form an acute angle from the lighting highlights the edges of your subject.

This is great for wedding photography that wishes to add an artistic zing to the wedding photography.

Fine-art wedding photography usually uses this type of lighting. There is no law that states you have to have only one lighting position for your wedding photography. If you want to be daring, use a combination of two or three. It really is up to you on how you’ll light up your wedding photography. Look at the profile of this wedding photographer Leicester