Event Planning 101

Bring the team together.

event photographyThinking about the theme and the mechanics that you have for the event that you are planning out so far can be a daunting endeavour to have to go through with if you have to do all of the thinking on your own. People can be creative and this is the type of power that you ought to harness accordingly as much as you possibly can. Take an entire afternoon to bring them together and get your plans set out on a whiteboard and just go on writing ideas down so that you can source them out. Even if the ideas might sound or seem a little too outrageous at times, there really isn’t any reason why you need to put them down just yet. Write them down raw and try to see which ones are the most plausible enough for you to consider to include in the event that you would like to bring about so far. It isn’t that hard. It can be hard trying to come up with ideas all on your own but when you make it into a team effort, you will surely be able to accomplish anything that you have set out to do when it all comes down to it. Do all of this before you hire out a professional event photographer so that you have all of the ideas set out the right way.

Set up a timeline.

Without a timeline, you don’t really have anything to work with. This is technically the first thing that your wedding vendors such as your event photographer will ask you about. This way, you can schedule out the tasks that you have up ahead of you and you can do everything accordingly without cramming too much or without having to bite off far more than you can chew so far. Events are hard enough to come by with and they will be even harder if you don’t have any type of deadline or anything like that. Be a stickler for schedule and things will go on smoothly for you in the end of it all.

Be picky with the talents.

You are going to need a lot of talents especially when it comes to people that you are putting up for entertainment during the event. Hold an audition out or something similar to this so that you can showcase how things will go in the end of it all. Hiring out a band or something like that can be costly so if you are going to hire people out, at least go out of your way to make sure that they really are worth their salt and that you wouldn’t be wasting precious dollars out for a substandard performance.

Get your costs in place.

Draw up a budget and make sure that you stick to it no matter what happens. Even if you have deep pockets to boot, it would still be wise to stick to some kind of budget that will at least allow you handle the costs accordingly without going way overboard.

How To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

Nail down your ensemble.

reportage wedding photographerYou need to know for sure what type of outfit you are putting together so far. If you don’t really trust your judgment that much when it comes to things like this, you might want to think about bringing someone onboard so that he or she can give you some insights on the way that your ensembles turn out so far at the end of the day. Take as much time as you need when it comes to bringing your wedding ensemble together. It would not be wise for you to rush through any decisions when you are figuring this out. It needs to tie in well with the rest of the other elements of the wedding from the theme to the venue to the décor to the food and so on and so forth. It might seem like a lot but it will all work out naturally in the need for as long as you are willing to consider the importance of the dress that you will be wearing to the occasion.

Master the chicken arm.

It is the pose wherein you sort of bend your arms by planning your palms on your waist and by pulling your bent elbows a little backward. Models have been doing this for the longest time running. You should have a try at it so that you can figure it out. Your reportage wedding photographer will appreciate if better if you know how to pose the arms.

Know your angles.

You don’t have to be an expert in this but you should at least know which side is your good side so far so that you know how to face the camera right from the get go. You need to know for sure which sides tend to make you look great so far so that you can get this taken into account the right way. Practice in front of the mirror so that you can get acquainted with how you position yourself when you are in front of the camera so far. Figure this out early on so that you have everything worked out for you by and large. This will look great in the shots that your reportage wedding photographer shoots.

Beware of distortion.

Distortion is something that is going to really affect the way that your photos turn out so far and this is what you ought to do something about whenever you are given the chance to pose in front of a camera. You don’t have to go in depth with it or anything like that so far but for as long as you understand the fact that the thing that is closest to the camera tends to appear bigger than usual and this is something that you can do to either play up or turn down some of the features in your body when you are posing for it. Want to make the ring look extra large? Bring it closer to the camera. Want to make your hips look slightly slimmer? Start leaning away from the camera whenever you are posing. Little tips and tricks like this can really make quite a difference in the way that your photos turn out looking like so keep that at the back of your head all of the time.

Prepping For The Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bring an extra of everything.

boudoir photographyYou will never really know what might come up during the time of the boudoir photography shoot which is why it is always best if you make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need including some extras somewhere along the way. Get this taken advantage of so that you have everything that you could ever need, and then some when it all comes down to it. Some of the extras that you are going to need are lipsticks so that you can touch up in between shoots, some hairspray so that you can fix your hair and get those wayward strands in line whenever you have a need to get them corrected. You wouldn’t really have that much time during the photo shoot to run out and get what you need because you didn’t prepare them ahead of time. It will be so much more convenient for you and for the boudoir photographer that you are trying to work with so far.

Try on your outfits.

It helps if you check out how you look and whether the outfits that you are planning to wear during the photo shoot actually look good on you. If you doubt yourself a little bit, try to see if you can include a friend that you particularly trust. It helps to know that you are getting some fresh perspective into the mix. Go for someone who has fashion sense in particular. Take a day off so that you can really get this checked out the right way. Rummage through your closets or get some shopping done one way or the other.

Wear loose clothes before the shoot.

This way, you don’t end up with any skin marks brought on by tight clothing and the like. You can get all glammed up for the boudoir photography shoot but make it a point to get dressed up the right way before the actual shoot so far.

Get yourself hydrated.

Drink lots of water when you are prepping for a boudoir photography shoot. You have probably already heard this so many times before that water and staying hydrated can turn out to more or less do wonders for your complexion. Take note of the fact that great skin can really make all of the difference in the world when it all comes down to it. Although this is something that takes a lot of discipline and it probably takes a lot of time to get accustomed to the habit of drinking lots of water during specific periods or intervals of time, once you get the hang of it, it will all work out for you in the end and it will ensure that you have all of the right things sorted out at the end of the day. Take note of the fact that there are no shortcuts when it comes to the aspect of getting great skin on so you need to invest a little bit of time and discipline on something like this as much as possible.

Making a Success out of Wedding Photography

Dance to the Tunes

York wedding photographerWhat possibly can you mean by dance to the tunes again?

I guess you are wondering how I come up with such titles, don’t worry. Enjoy the article and learn a thing or two from it.

Let’s get into it

By dancing to the tunes, I am talking straight to those who consider going into wedding photography or perhaps you are a York wedding photographer. Since you are into wedding photography and you get contracted by the intending couple to cover their wedding ceremony from probably the engagement, pre wedding photo shoot, wedding rehearsal, wedding ceremony and the reception party. Yes you are good at what you do but I implore you to dance to the tunes which simply means follow what you are asked to do.

Of course I am contracted to take photos

Indeed you are contracted to take photos but are you that type of York wedding photographer who insists on capturing shots your own way or you impose your concept of photography on those you work for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to suggest a particular concept to your clients but don’t try to impose it on them. Remember they contracted you for the job and before doing so, they had an idea of what they wanted to achieve from the photo shoot and the background cover they desire for the official photos.

But I am a professional and sometimes the clients are wrong

Never tell your client that he/she is wrong, it is not a professional thing to do. You rather guide them in making the right choices by suggesting some concepts or modifying their concepts to achieve excellent output. And if you face a client who believes his/her opinion on something cannot change and despite your advice, he/she prefers to do it their way, then you have to take a step back and follow their wishes.

Are you in the category of my work must be exceptional?

I recently had a chat with a York wedding photographer who told me he was contacted by an Asian couple but the concept of what they wanted for their pre wedding shoot was bad and will make the entire thing look shabby. So he told me he tried to persuade them to modify the concept to a more realistic and modern idea, yet they declined. Guess what he did? Instead of him to give them what they wanted, he told me he backed down from the project, he declined the offer and asked them to contract another photographer. Why? Because he said ‘my work must be exceptional’. I admired his work ethic and the fact that he had created a peculiar brand and standard for himself and didn’t want to go back on that because of one job, so he chose rather to reject the work.

What is the moral of this?

As professionals or amateurs in wedding photography, it is good to be exceptional in your work and brand yourself but also when given a contract, you have to dance to the tunes of what you are being asked to project or cover, and otherwise you decline the work. The clients are going to pay for the services rendered, so the least you could do is give them a good delivery of such work by dancing to their tunes or you don’t get involved at all.

Ways To Pump Up Your Bridal Beauty Routine

Start lifting some weights.

San Francisco wedding photographerLifting a few weights every now and then will ensure that you get to tone your arms and legs a little bit. This is the type of thing that you ought to spend some time on. As what the usual saying goes, no pain, no gain. If you would like to be able to achieve toned arms and legs and develop a strong core overall, then you better get started on lifting some weights one way or the other. This can turn out to make all of the difference for you in the world and this can really help you improve on how you end up looking like at the end of the day. You don’t have to go overboard with everything from Day 1. You can take it a day at a time. Start off with slightly lighter weights and increate the reps and the actual weight as you go along. It is the type of situation that can make a really huge difference once you get to your actual wedding day. Lifting weights will not only tone your muscles, it will also make you so much stronger and fitter. If your San Francisco wedding photographer asks you to walk around or run around for the prize of getting excellent looking getting photos out of the deal, then you will have a better chance at it if you have been lifting a little bit of weights on the side.

Get a day-of bag.

If you are prepping for the wedding day, then you need to know that you are ready as you can be. A day-of bag can save you from a lot of hassles while you are in the wedding. A great day-of bag will ensure that you have a stick of stain remover for those annoying wine and food spillages, some bobby pins for the wayward strands of hair that happens to escape your coif, some extra lipstick, a small mirror for the tiny touch-ups, some oil blotting paper, a little bit of perfume, and perhaps a small sewing kit that will enable you to go ahead and take care of any hemlines unravelling or just downright giving up on things. You should also have a few snacks, preferably the type that wouldn’t ruin your lipstick, and maybe some mints because you will be doing a lot of kissing and eating and those two don’t really work together if you end up with atrocious breath.

Prep your face.

Your face is a small area to work on but it will surprise you how much work actually goes into ensuring that you have prepped up properly for the wedding that you have been planning out when it all comes down to it. Cleanse and tone and moisturize religiously. Stay out of the face as much as possible. Find the perfect shade of concealer and foundation. These are basic stuff but they can make all of the difference in the world for you so take that into account. Your San Francisco wedding photographer will be able to work better with a face that is camera ready.

Go for a healthy glow.

A little bit of spray tan and bronzer can do the trick for you so make it a point to get that glow on during the day of the wedding.

The Role of the Wedding Photographer Belfast

Photograph every moment: Wedding in Belfast

wedding photographer belfastIn an occasion as important as the wedding, one thing stands true, and that is for everything to be perfect. The perfection can be similar to that in a fairy tale or it can be close to one of the many dreams a couple might have had of their wedding. Whatever, the situation may be, every element of the wedding must work in synergy to create the ideal wedding.

One part of the synergy is the wedding photographer Belfast. Their importance lies with the fact that he or she is responsible for one of the most important things of the wedding which is the wedding photograph. The photographs of the wedding are important as, as it is what will help the couple relive the special moments.

Role of the photographer

Occasionally, the process of wedding coordinating and searching for service providers can be exhausting. In the case of a Wedding Photographer Belfast, among so many options to choose, the couple in question could feel confused and even exhausted. But undoubtedly, the privileged to immortalize the visual memories of the wedding is the “Photographer”. So they must make a wise decision when selecting the person responsible for crystallizing such an epic event.

Important detail

Before hiring just any wedding photographer Belfast, remember that there is only one opportunity, you will only marry once with that person you love. That wedding will also only take hold on an assigned day. Everything should come to perfection and the only way that is possible is if you hire a professional. Therefore, if you get to the stage of signing a contract of services with a photographer, make sure ther are provisions for aspects like conditions, tariffs, responsibilities and other aspects that will give you full confidence that, if something goes wrong, everything is signed and agreed in advance.

Characteristics of a good photographer

First, a good Photographer must be a person who although may not have the academic qualifications but is well informed. Usually a professional photographer has a university degree in “Photography” or “Art”. A good photographer has an eye reinforced with art; For them there are no ugly models, but rather it is their responsibility to make art with their camera. Photographers are opportunistic and take advantage of the place, objects that attract attention, light and colors. While they take their photos they are in charge of all harmonize within the same subject. You should watch out for this in your photographer.

Secondly, the professional wedding photographer Belfast, after the activity of recording the wedding sits in his studio, reviews the photos, edits them, makes corrections, and even creates a cover with some graphic art. In the most extreme cases, they are able to make acne disappear from your face and if you vacillate too much the previous night; Remove the red of your eyes with the famous “Photoshop”

It is important to have a good Photographer for your wedding celebration, as it will be their work you look back on years from your wedding. With confidence in your wedding pictures, you can show your family and friends and even younger generations what occurred on that day.

Expert Wedding Planning Tips

Put your guests first.

wedding photographer nottinghamWhen you are planning out a wedding of some sort, you need to make sure that you get to keep your guests in mind all of the time. Even if you are enjoying most of the day, if you are putting your guests at a bit of an inconvenience, you haven’t really pulled the wedding off the right way as much as you would like to and you need to go ahead and take this into account when it all comes down to it. You need to really understand that guest experience is everything when it comes to planning your wedding out so make sure that you go above and beyond to make your guests feel comfortable. Whenever you feel as if you are running out of ideas or whenever you feel as if you don’t really know how to go ahead and handle things like this the right way, make sure that you bring in the perspective of your friends and family members close to you.

You can even consult your wedding coordinator about this. Consult professionals who are working in the wedding industry vertical such as your professional wedding photographer Nottingham as they have had far more experience than you do when it comes to attending or being in weddings per se and they know what the main needs are in a wedding at the end of the day.

Check out wedding blackout dates.

These are dates wherein there seems to be a lot of events going on in your area such as local holidays and public festivals. It would be a bad idea to try to schedule your big day in and around these dates as it can really take away the importance of you getting the most importance out of it. The venues will be too crowded and you might not get the kind of attention and focus that you are aiming to get from your wedding photographer Nottingham, caterer, wedding venue, and so on and so forth. The slower the time is, the better it will be for you. Not only will you get the best amount of time and attention for your wedding, you are also bound to enjoy lower rates and so, at the end of the day, you really shouldn’t be the type of bride who should be missing out on what would have been really awesome discounts after all has been said and done.

Keep the weather in mind.

You need to check with the weather forecasts in your local area in order for you to properly plan out the details of your wedding at the end of the day. It would be a shame for you to plan your wedding right where it is monsoon season, for example. It can dampen the merriments of the day, pun or no pun intended.

Check your credit.

Vendors such as your professional wedding photographer Nottingham are bound to charge you inordinate sums of money for their services. A cashback credit card can really help knock off a percentage or so off of your overall fees.

How to Plan your Wedding: Wedding in Bristol

Wedding Date

bristol wedding photographersBefore any other planning regarding the wedding can be done, one thing that needs to be set is the wedding date. Without a wedding date, a couple might as well be making plans for no reason. The wedding date is where every plan that will eventually be made will be realised.

Therefore, from the moment of the engagement, have a few days to bask in the glory of finally getting married before you set about picking the right date. The wedding date is what will help you to better prepare yourself and all the necessary accompaniments. It also gives you the opportunity to verify with close ones if certain dates are open for them to attend the event.

Choosing a significant date for both you and your partner is something that makes it very special. It may be, for example, the anniversary date, the day you met, one year after the engagement. You will have to verify that day on the date you want to get married is feasible because sometimes it is not a day that marriages occur.

Season of the year

Bristol has a warm and temperate climate. However, this condition is not the same all year round. Every couple needs to take into account the season changes when selecting a date for the wedding. Bristol has been known to have a lot of rain mid-year and for the couple planning an outdoors wedding, a date on which there is no rain has to be picked or contingency plans need to be set in place in the advent of rain.

However, the vast majority of couples are inclined to get married in the season where rain is limited. This season is referred to as dry season. As a result of the clamour of couples seeking wedding dates in this period, it is regarded as High Season for Weddings. Also, how the Bristol wedding photographers will take pictures during the different seasons should be considered.

The Wedding Style

The rational wedding style is one that mirrors the identity of the couple of the hour. Every detail of the wedding plan revolves around the chosen style from the wineries, table settings, accessories, attires, and decorations. Having different styles feature in a wedding may work in some cases and in some other cases, it may be seen as a mess. Whatever you choose make sure it is something that works well for you and can be captured by the Bristol wedding photographers.

Wedding Decoration

For the decoration of the wedding venue, when a certain wedding style is in mind, then you need to make sure that the décor follows the same style. The theme for the decorations should have a story based in the wedding style. For example, on the wedding day, there will be the serving of the meal but what will the meal be served with and atop what?

The tables and chairs which the guests are expected to be seated on should be another side of the chosen wedding style. The centrepieces that are bound to decorate the tables be it flowers, sculptures etc should be another reflection of the chosen style. Also, do not forget that as you make a choice among variable options, the Bristol wedding photographers need to be considered in the foray as the décor plans will be captured in pictures.

Destinations For Your Wedding Photography

Stand-out wedding pictures are a must nowadays.

destination wedding photographerHaving different backgrounds for a wedding photography is great way for your pictures to stand out. Some couples take it to the extreme by having around unconventional backgrounds for their wedding pictures. They opt to have wedding pictures which features sights of amazing destinations, usually around the world. This wedding photography trend got so popular that a new branch of wedding photography grew to cater the demand. More and more people are hiring a destination wedding photographer for their destination wedding photography. Clients spend a lot of money just to fulfil the destination wedding photography dream. It will totally be worth it every bit of cash you have. Some couples, after hiring the service, have travel planning their destinations. Don’t worry, here are a few ideas for scenic locations to include in your wedding photography.

The first destination is the beach.

If you are looking for somewhere with a sunset, the beach is where you should go. Almost all beaches make perfect backgrounds for sunset shots. Imagine you and your partner kissing under the picture of the setting sun. Or, you and your partner chasing each other around the shoreline. Either way, the beach would be super romantic and worth the distance travelled. This would also be great if your theme for your wedding is summer or anything related to the ocean. Have your destination wedding photographer scout out the most amazing beaches for the wedding photography. Choose places which have amazing sandbars and rock formations which make great spots to pose in for your wedding photography. Have filler shots of seashells and drawings on the sand to complete your wedding photography.

The second destination is the nature parks.

Mother Nature is truly a work of art. There are just so many spots just waiting to be discovered in nature parks. Spots which host fantastic views can be found in nature parks. This is a great place when you want a rustic themed wedding photography. You can have you and your partner stand in the middle of a path with the tall trees in the background. It would make a great photo which symbolizes new beginnings. Don’t hesitate to drive yourself and your destination wedding photographer down to the nearest nature park. Just remember to contact the proper authorities so you can have a guide. We don’t want anyone getting lost in the woodland wonderland.

The last destination is historical places.

In history there is beauty. A lot of historical places not only have historical value they also have amazing remnants of the past times. This makes amazing backgrounds for your wedding photographs. Old houses and structures are great places to do high-fashion wedding poses. Old archways and gates can add a lot of drama to your wedding photos if used right. Talk to your destination wedding photographer about it. The important thing to remember when doing photography in these places is to ask permission from the proper authorities. Some historical places are protected and off-limits to people. You don’t want to break any rule or law and end up in jail for your wedding photos.

The Perfect Wedding Skin Care

Look beautiful as much as possible.

photographer SurreyBrides must look beautiful and vibrant during the day of their wedding. Even if you are not the type who delves into beauty regimens and the like, this is the kind of thing that you should be thinking about getting into one way or the other. Your wedding day will only happen once and you need to make sure that everything pans out perfectly for you no matter what happens. There are a lot of fool proof ways for you to get things like this taken into account though so try to go out of your way to make sure that you get things figured out the right way when it all comes down to it.

Assess things early as much as possible.

If you would like to be in your best condition, then start early with your skincare routine. It will take diligence and patience and a lot of smart moves one way or the other but if you prepare for at least a year in advance, then you have a pretty good chance at getting things figured out and pulled off the right way the entire time that you are at it. When you plan things out ahead of time, you get to make sure that things are planned out accordingly. You get to make sure that you get ahead of the game by planning your skincare routine in all of the best ways. Your photographer Surrey will have a far better chance of capturing photos of you in all of your essence if your skin is at its best condition.

Don’t be too quick to discredit professional facials.

They can do wonders for the face and for the skin and something that you should be checking into as well at some point or so. You don’t have to overdo your facials though. Booking a facial at least once a month will ensure that you are getting things checked out and figured out the right way when it all comes down to it. If you want your photographer Surrey to photograph you in all of your best features and if you would like to look good in all of your photos, then facials will turn out to be extremely important. Blackheads and any other skin impurities or imperfections can make your skin look dull and lifeless and this is not the kind of thing that you can afford to be with when it all comes down to it.

Take care of your face.

Make sure that you go out of your way to manage any excess facial oils. Ensure that your face is shine free all of the time. A good stash of blotting papers can really do wonders for your face, particularly to the parts of your face that happens to have an awful lot of shine. Blotting papers are a temporary solution though and if you would like this to work and give your professional photographer Surrey a good canvas to work with one way or the other, then you also need to work on a more long term solution while you are at it. Use a mild facial wash and try to avoid heavy moisturizers. Don’t wash your face excessively either. This will either irritate your skin and kick your sebum production into overdrive. This is not the type of thing that you can afford to go through with at some point or so.

Wedding Photographer Bristol: Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and because of its importance, you need to do what it takes to make it perfect.

wedding photographer BristolBut planning that special day of yours can be difficult especially when it has to do with organizing and setting everything to be in place. Are you having difficulty in organizing your wedding? With a professional wedding photographer Bristol, you do not have to worry about setting things to be in place. I know you have fears because you want your wedding day to be perfect. You do not need to worry about that because with your professional wedding photographer you can be rest assured. Here are some steps in planning your wedding.

Choose your style first

Before ever thinking of planning your wedding you need to think about the style that would suit you. You need this step before even getting a wedding photographer. Do you need a classical or traditional, or photojournalism, etc? These are few questions you need to ask yourself before planning your wedding. If you do not have an idea on how to about choosing the best style that is suitable for you, you can check online or even wedding magazines to help you in planning your wedding style. After choosing your style, you can now talk about it with the wedding photographer.

Note, wedding involves two people, your spouse and you. You need to discuss this with your spouse to get some answers. Never decide on your own.

Book your wedding photographer

After choosing the most suitable style, then you need to hire a wedding photographer Bristol. You need to hire a professional and this is because he can be able to help you need planning your wedding along with you and your spouse. You also need to hire a professional wedding photographer because he has all the experience in the world to make your wedding day perfect.

Before hiring a wedding photographer, you need to ask some few questions, more like an interview. Ask about vital questions such as, where he has shot, his experience, his equipment, his team of professionals. After all this, you need to ask for samples of his recently shot wedding. The reason for this is for you to have an idea if he his capable for the job or not.

When you want to hire a wedding photographer Bristol, you need to hire one that you can be comfortable with. When you are comfortable with your wedding photographer, it will appear on your wedding photos.

Book a venue

After you have hired your wedding photographer Bristol, you can now book a venue. Booking your wedding photographer and your wedding venue should be done earlier. If you do not know the type of venue to take, this is where your wedding photographer comes in. He will tell the best venue. Probably, he must have shot in some suitable venues; he will advise you on the best to take.

After you done all these steps, you need to start planning for the wedding cake, colors, bouquet, etc.

When planning your wedding properly, you need a wedding photographer to help you out with the process, he not just good with taking pictures alone. A professional wedding photographer Bristol will advise you and plan with you. You do not have to worry yourself about planning and organizing. He will always be there when you need him to. To get to get professional photos and services for your wedding day, you need to check out wedding photographer Bristol (www.imageparadise.com).

Lighting Position and How It Affects Wedding Photography

Lighting is a key ingredient in any good wedding photo.

wedding photographer LeicesterYou may wonder why wedding photographer always demand that you do the wedding photography at this specific time of the day when the shoot can always be done at some other time. The answer they’ll probably tell you is because of the lighting. A good wedding photographer Leicester understands how crucial lighting is and its position in creating stunning and amazing wedding photography. There needs to be a proper balance of the three characteristics of lighting to get top quality wedding photos. One of the three characteristic of lighting that ultimately affects the wedding photography is the position of the light source. Positioning the light source in certain way affects the mood, texture and atmosphere of the wedding pictures. There are various positions which the photographer can play with to create different moods for the wedding pictures.

One lighting position that adds essence of dramatic artistry in those solo wedding photographs is side-lighting.

From the name itself, it technically means having a light source located at the side so the side of the subject is lit. This lighting adds drama to any wedding photo through creating long shadows and adding depth to an image. It is important to note that lighting in wedding photography doesn’t have the same definition as the mundane usage of the word lighting. Typically, lighting is associated with the shadows being produced by the light source which affect the overall quality and mood of a photo. Another lighting position which you can try for your wedding photography is back lighting. Having your light source be located at the back of your subject can create amazing silhouettes which give wedding pictures mystery.

This would be a great kind of lighting to use when you have wedding photography in woodlands or any location which can give you mist or dust.

Or, you can create smoky effects with your wedding pictures by combining this lighting with a smoke machine. This is great when the wedding photography style is fine-art or high fashion wedding photography style. If this isn’t your type you can also go with soft or diffuse lighting. This type of lighting is when your light is positioned so that it is evenly distributed to all of your subjects. This type of light reduces contrast and shadow formation.

This is a great light to use when you are doing wedding photography that is outside where you are using the natural light of the sun as your light source. Picture a mid-morning wedding where everything is lighted and the rays of the sun are not too harsh. This lighting position is best when the wedding photography style is the traditional one. Some people find this lighting position too bland opt for a rim lighting position instead. In rim light, a wedding photographer would position the light so it would form an acute angle from the lighting highlights the edges of your subject.

This is great for wedding photography that wishes to add an artistic zing to the wedding photography.

Fine-art wedding photography usually uses this type of lighting. There is no law that states you have to have only one lighting position for your wedding photography. If you want to be daring, use a combination of two or three. It really is up to you on how you’ll light up your wedding photography. Look at the profile of this wedding photographer Leicester http://www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk

A Look at Same Sex Weddings

same sex wedding photographerThe wedding is one tradition that has withstood the test of time. As a matter of fact, over the years they have even become more important. Couples see it as an avenue to get family and friends together to watch them make the journey to committing to their chosen partner. In simple terms, the wedding can be said to be an expression of love.

Around the world, there are more countries gradually lifting the ban on same sex marriages. In anticipation for the day in which your country should eventually lift up the ban, it is essential that you already start making wedding plans. However, if you live in the UK where weddings are already allowed, then the following tips should come in handy when planning your wedding:

Traditional or Unique Wedding Location?

Where do you want to have that special day unfold? Do you want it to be done in a traditional location that has more history to it? Do you want a customary location that is tied to weddings? Or do you want a location that is totally unique to you and your partner and holds a wealth of memory? It is important that whatever location you decide upon, it should reflect the inner feelings of your partner and yourself. Finally making the decision to commit to one another means that everything about your wedding should be as real as the feelings you have for one another.

When it comes to location choices, there is no limit as anything from a garden underwater, the beach or a yacht can do. The wedding after all is the avenue you intend to use to make your solemnization official so who says it cannot be different from the norm. Whatever location you decide upon, do not forget to get your same sex wedding photographer.

The wedding photographer

The same sex wedding is just like any other wedding being that what matters most is that the couple gets to make their partnership official while being surrounded by loved ones. Therefore it is expected that they will need a same sex wedding photographer who understands the balance of things and will know how to capture the moments of their wedding. Memories from moments are really important and the wedding is no different for a gay couple than it is for the standard couple. Being able to have proofs of the events of the day make them all the more precious.

The wedding features

The couple may change and the location may differ but there are certain features of weddings that are ever present. Some of these features are the standard wedding attire, the wedding rings, the planning of the honeymoon, the wedding procession and the wedding reception. Even if one of the aforementioned things should be missing, at least one will be present.

With all the little details being planned to the “T” and all the loved ones gathered in the chosen venue, the couple can finally make the journey official. To make the moments more special visit http://www.pgrace.co.uk for a same sex wedding photographer that understands you.