portrait photography studioOwning a portrait photography studio is definitely not something a lot of people would consider. Why

you ask? Well, the answer lies in the technicality of capturing great portraits for individuals. Portraits are images that only depict or focus on the face and sometimes the shoulders of an individual. They are pretty tricky to pull off especially when compared to a full body shot.

The technicality lies in being able to convey the personality of the subject within the limited focus that is the face. However, if you take a look at the human face, there are a lot of things that are present on it from the eyes to the nose, the ears to the mouth etc. A good photographer knows the best way to go about it.

Below, we have listed out steps to help you take the great images that you want. However, note that these are not a must. They are just technically guidelines to make the process of picture taking easier.

  • Follow the eye

When it comes to the eyes, they are really key in portrait photography. For the portrait photographer, you have to understand that capturing the eyes makes image interpretation and information passing easier. When the subject is posing, you need to follow the eyes of your subject. There are two things involved here. You either focus on the eye direction or you focus on where the nose is pointed.

Make use of focal length

If you never paid much attention to the focal length of your camera, now is the perfect time. In portrait photography, you need to be up close and personal with the shot to properly highlight the face. But, this is where a portrait photography studio can make a mistake. Some photographers assume that the upfront shot requires them to be within proximity of their subject. This however prevents the depth of the shot from being properly put to use. To take care of the issue of depth and upfront shots, pay close attention to your focal length. Regardless of how far you move away from your subject, the composition will remain unaffected and you reduce the chance of compressed features.

  • Try black and white

Since you are taking a portraiture, why not try making use of black and white edits to highlight the textures of the face of your subject and that of their features as well. It also eliminates distractions and makes it easier for the viewer to focus on the subject alone. One thing about most portrait photographers is that they tend to ignore the details that so clearly detract from the image thereby tampering with the outcome of it.

  • Post production matters

The good thing about digital cameras is that you can shoot in the RAW format thereby reducing the need for you to get everything right the first time while you shoot. Lighting is a very important factors when it comes to taking portraits but with the latest technology, you can easily manipulate the lighting of an image after it has been shot.

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