What a Wedding Photographer Andover Do on First Meeting

wedding photographer AndoverYou have probably scheduled for a meeting with a potential client who loved your work. The next challenge now is how you can convince them from the first meeting that you are a good wedding photographer Andover for them. That might be hard to do due to the fact that you don’t have as many significant experiences as others do.

But this does not mean you will not be able to land on that first job. There is always a first to everything and we all start somewhere. So, here’s the trick to making sure the first meeting will give them a good enough impact.

Be confident of yourself

Who will believe in you if you cannot believe in yourself? Those potential clients don’t know you and they are here to have you convince them that you can do the job. So, it’s part of your job to be confident and in fact, that’s what professional wedding photographers do that makes people believe in them easily. The way you present yourself should show that you are eager on this job.

The client might have met other photographers before you, so it’s best that you do not try to ‘educate’ them on a wedding photographer. There are other ways to show your confidence, such as answering their questions honestly as for how you are. Prepare for questions like experiences that you know will make you sound small.

Answer in a way that makes you still look favorable and that it doesn’t matter to be a beginner. Preparing like this will easily boost your confidence when you meet them.

Help them like a friend

These clients might have met many other photographers, but they might have never prepared wedding parties before. This is most probably their first wedding and it’s going to take quite a lot of research for them to prepare for it. So, another thing you can do is to give them free advice like a professional wedding photographer Andover, Danish Apple Photography, would do.

Why is this a good thing? People like to rely on someone who has the expertise. You are the expert in wedding photography, although not with as much experience as others. But at least you know more than them and it makes you someone reliable if you share your knowledge with them. But always keep in mind to not sound like you are educating them. You are helping them.

Listen more, speak less

For it to become a good conversation there has to be a two-way speech going on. That means you let them talk as well as answer their questions. Keep it a casual conversation and try to get to know about each other in general and about the wedding in particular. Make it something they enjoy doing because then they will feel less hesitant to contact you back.

A professional wedding photographer Andover usually finds themselves in a pinch, especially in the conversation part. Keep these 3 things in mind when you are about to meet a potential client and always prepare yourself. It will make you feel less nervous and more prepared to meet them.