Basic Blogging Overview for a Wedding Photographer

It is not really hard and technical

photography blogBlogging as a wedding photographer may seem like something really hard and technical but it will actually surprise you time and time again how simple things may turn out to be when it all comes down to it. Sometimes, all you really need to do is to just figure out the basics and then sort of play it by ear from then on. Time and experience will tell you what you need to do and how you need to do it moving forward and you can check it from there. The first thing or the first mindset that you should have when it comes to composing a wedding photography blog is the aspect of its target audience. As a professional wedding photographer, your main aim should be to always try to get more potential clients. That is the main purpose of your blog as a wedding photographer. No matter what happens, make sure that you get to keep something like that in sight all of the time and make sure that you never lose sight of it no matter what happens. Although you may be posting blogs about the previous weddings that you may have covered in the past and although this is something that those previous clients may appreciate a lot, the main target is to get more potential clients by convincing them that you are more than capable of getting things done at the end of the day.

The blog can also serve as your online portfolio.

More often than not, people will be taking a look at your blog as a wedding photographer before they will even decide to contact you. You will be sifted out based on how your blog looks and that is why it’s extremely important for you to make sure that your blog is always churning out great looking content that is both high quality in terms of the pictures that you are posting up as well as based off of the text that you are putting up as well at the end of the day. You can even feel free to put up other content or other previous side projects that you may have worked on in the past that are not related to wedding photography. Diversity is key to jazzing things up as you go along and when you have some kind of variety in the things that you do, you are guaranteed something interesting and fun to look at.

The blog is also your chance to reach out to the other wedding vendors that you have met during the wedding.

They say that it takes a village to make a wedding come to pass and it’s actually quite true. You have the venue owners to the caterers to the florists to the DJ to the waters to the wedding planner and so on and so forth. Reach out to them and feature them on the vendors list section of your blog as a wedding photographer because this is something that they will get to appreciate and something that can help you boost your chances of connecting with them in an efficient and effective manner at the end of the day.