Introduction to Wedding Photography

Grand Rapids photographers This concise guide will briefly help you through a quick introduction to wedding photography. You will start with getting to know different types of photography style to why you should or should not hire multiple Grand Rapids photographers. This is a critical decision because your wedding pictures and videos are the only solid memories that are left from the day!

Approach and style

There are several approaches popular currently for taking wedding pictures. The first one is fine art style where the photographer is a more of a visual person. He focuses on the look and how to create that picture that just stuns you. You will typically think that the pictures are just gorgeous and lovely even when you don’t know who those people are.

The other style is the documentary style. The photographer often takes a quiet and discreet approach as if they are hiding behind the curtains. The style focuses on capturing moment after moment throughout the day as if you are reading a beautiful love story. Once you open it, you can’t stop reading until the end of the book and find yourself flipping through the album once again.

There are also a lot of photographers making use of both styles, but most of the time, you are able to discern them quite easily. Documentary style pictures may not have looked so stunning, but the moment in that picture is just so personal to you, it feels like a picture with lots of hidden meanings. Fine art style produces pictures you want to brag to everyone about and you can’t stop staring at it. People might think you are narcissistic!

Choosing the right person

Not everyone who calls themselves a professional wedding photographer is legit. From so many Grand Rapids photographers, you have to carefully choose one that truly is professional. Let’s start with our recommendation, The easiest way to find a photographer that is reliable is through recommendation.

Check out their portfolios to see if you like what they do. Before anything, you need to choose whose pictures you enjoy the most and ask for more portfolios during the consultation. You need to look at their overall work for a more objective decision. The photographer must also be someone that you can talk to easily and feel comfortable with or you will be stressed out during your wedding day.

An insured photographer is also a better choice as many venues want to ensure that only insured photographers work in their place. It also ensures your protection in a way and a sign of seriousness from the photographers themselves.

What you need!

How many photographers should you hire? Some people say that having more is always better. In this case, though, if you could hire only one, it would save a lot of money and prevent disturbing the guests unwantedly. A private to medium-sized wedding parties only need a single wedding photographer. If you do realize that you are holding a big party, two Grand Rapids photographers could be a good thing.

When choosing the right package, you can always negotiate to customize it on your own, so you’ll only pay for what you really want.