Here Are 4 Things That Will Help with Your Newborn Photography London Session

newborn photography LondonAre you struggling with what you need for your next newborn photography London session? We know that a lot of photographers are having problems with trying to keep the baby calm, tracking the time, etc. There are many more things that you probably didn’t know are important!

Let’s start with keeping the baby calm and content.

White noise

A complete silence is often the worst moment that we’ve ever encountered. It’s dreading, it uncomfortably makes you over conscious of every single thing and keeps you awake most of the time. That’s the same for babies as their brains begin to register irregular noises like chatting voices or things being moved.

Download an app that will play background white noise or loop a tune that will help keep the baby calm. The bonus is that even you can enjoy listening to the white noise while it calms down your senses and keeps your focus sharp.


A baby needs warmth to stay calm, happy and asleep. The room temperature has to be slightly higher than what you are comfortable with because the baby is naked. Unless you are shooting with the baby dressed all the time, pay attention to this. Set the room’s temperature 15 minutes before the parents arrive.

Another way to keep the room warm if you don’t want to heat up the whole room is to use a portable heater. Have it placed at a comfortable distance facing towards the baby. There are various ways you can employ to keep the room warm during a newborn photography London session and this is one of it.

Another method we learned from Stephen Bruce Photography is to warm up the blankets before using them. Using hot steams on the blankets or placing warm rice socks (or the like) between the piles will keep them warm and won’t shock the baby when you change the blanket.

Parents’ help

Don’t hesitate to ask the parents’ help when you’re not sure of something! The parents know better and you also won’t be held responsible during then if you feel like you’re moving the baby in the wrong way. It will also keep the parents engaged during the session as they have to wait for hours.

And the last but not the least is…

Preparing the parents

Tell them what to expect in a photography but don’t stop there. Tell them what they can do to smoothen out the process and save the time both of you have to spend. For example, parents can try feeding the baby and putting him to sleep while on the way to the studio. So, by the time they got there, everything is prepared and the baby is ready to have his pictures taken.

Help them understand that they will also be invited to have their pictures taken. They need to dress up, but there’s no need to be excessive in doing it. Simple makeup with the semi-casual outfit are good enough to not stand out with the newborn baby in the picture. Wearing those clothes will also help them stay relaxed during the newborn photography London process.