Tips To Network As A Wedding Photographer Peterborough

Plan out who you would like to network with as a wedding photographer Peterborough.

wedding photographyNetworking is a crucial ingredient to your commercial success in your chosen field but when it all comes down to it, it can also easily turn out to be a time and finance sucking bottomless pit if you are not careful with how you conduct it. You need to make sure that you get to really carefully sift through the networking contacts that you are making and the effort and time that you are spending on them just so that you will be able to establish a relationship. Do you seriously need to spend 2 hours for lunch and coffee with a wedding florist? Will you be getting a lot of potential clients out of that lunch one way or the other? Most likely not. Make it a point to categorize the networking contacts that you get to make based on who the strongest ones are, who the mid-range ones are, and who the less valuable contacts are. A florist will probably deserve a Facebook add and a strong following and liking spree and that’s about it while on the other hand, a wedding venue owner might deserve a free photo shoot cover and blog entry, given the kind of influence they have on the couples and given the fact that they almost always know ahead of everybody else who’s getting married soon which means you will get first dibs as well if you’re on good terms with them.

Competition is just a smoke screen.

There is always enough room for another wedding photographer Peterborough in the industry. Try to connect to as many of them as possible. Here’s the thing, and this is a pretty sad thing at that, some of the wedding photographers out there feel as if the successes and business milestones of the other fellow wedding photographers in their area could turn out to be their personal losses. They refuse to add them as friends or as contacts on social media. They refuse to support by liking pages and by following blogs. They have this irrational fear that if they do so, they are unwittingly extending their audience reach out to those competitors as well. Although that may have a ring of truth in it, the extension of audience part, the thing is, their personal gains will not exactly be your own personal losses. There is always enough room in this industry for all of the wedding photographers. You are going to need the help of your colleagues one way or the other. Befriend as much of them as you possibly can and support and help out in any way that you can because there is such a thing as business karma.

Give some time to show the vendors that you are reaching out to as a wedding photographer some love.

Whenever there is a certain decline in your bookings and you have some extra time freed up in your schedule, reach out to those vendors to see if you can provide them free coverage by holding photo shoots and writing feature blogs about them for free. Like this wedding photographer Peterborough, have the foresight to actually watermark your images and make it a point to send the photos out to them for free. You get automatic exposure once they put the pictures up on their sites and on their social media pages.