How to Get a Professional Wedding Photography Edinburgh Service?

wedding photography EdinburghA wedding photographer will always tell you that he is the right person for your job. But it’s important that you are able to discern for yourself who the real wedding photographer is. That means you need to be able to see the characteristics of a real photographer to see if he’s the person that will fit the job. And for that purpose, we are here to show you how you can find one for your wedding!

Budget and negotiating

Wedding photography Edinburgh is one of the most expensive items in preparing a wedding. It may be well above the price of your wedding dress! That is why you need to carefully consider the budget that you can allow for wedding photography. This will make it easy to look at photographers that are available for you without being swayed to pay way above what you can.

Don’t worry as negotiation is typically available for wedding photography. You can ask to adjust the wedding photography package to something that includes only what you need for your photography. Some photographers even allow customization of your own package with a base price.

A flexible range of budget is obviously the better choice, as long as it is still within your capabilities. Be sure to also compare the benefits despite the price differences between photographers.

Style and preferences

You have your own preference and not every photographer has the same as you. That is why you need to find someone who can really shoot like you want them to be. The bigger problem here is that you need to find out if the photographer can also shoot as if he knows your vision. If we may recommend a wedding photography Edinburgh service, it’s

If this person has the style that you like, you can be reassured that he captures pictures the way his clients love them. Some photographers stick with one style for every couple, which isn’t a good thing if you consider how they are not really representing what you want. On the other hand, if you are okay with the photographer’s personal approach, the recommendation we gave you would be amazing.


The photographer needs to have a good personality. There are many reasons to say this as a photographer will be involved with your wedding for the whole day if not less. He will be that person that follows you around and captures everything that happened to you on that day. It will feel a bit like hiring a stalker if you are not used to his presence.

It will also feel uncomfortable to your guests and family members who need to have their pictures captured as well. But it will be different if you had hired a photographer with a warm personality who greets everyone beforehand. That photographer will also make it to your wedding rehearsal to meet everyone else.

These are the three most important things you must remember when looking for a wedding photography Edinburgh service. You want the best and everyone else said they are. That means it’s up to you to spot out the right person for you.