How Wedding Photographers Should Network with Vendors

wedding photographyMost of the successful wedding photographers out there were able to get to where they are now is because they took the time to really network with the other wedding vendors that they have worked with or even just know about at some point or so. You might probably think that this is something that might turn to be a futile effort but you will be surprised at how far reaching networking can turn out to be especially if you are able to network to all of the right people. It is something that you will have to constantly work on one way or the other and it is something that might take up a good amount of effort but what you can be rest assured of is that it is something that will eventually bear fruit so for as long as you will be able to stay true to the course and just counter on, you should start seeing results over time.

Get contact info

When you are shooting during weddings, have your assistant or your second wedding photographer go around to talk to the rest of the other vendors and to ask them for their contact info. This is a great opportunity for you to disseminate your business cards as well as any other promotional fliers that you may have prepared in advance for networking purposes. Compile the vendors’ contact info and make sure that you are able to group them depending on the name of the couple’s wedding that you met them in. This can be a great conversation starter when you reach out to them again. More than that, another great way to network with vendors is to include them in your blog of the wedding. Put up a vendor list at the bottom of the blog with a clickable link right beside their names that will eventually lead to their own sides. This is just a small effort on your end but this is something that most of the other vendors will see as a sign of goodwill and support. They will be more than happy to reciprocate your efforts. You will be surprised to have more and more people know about you and about your brand and you will soon be considered as an option among the other wedding photographers in the market. It will at least give you a fighting chance to keep abreast of the competition one way or the other.

Reach out via social media

Another way for you to reach out to the other wedding vendors is via social media. Add them up on your business profiles and constantly keep them engaged by liking or resharing their posts if you find anything that is coherent with the kind of theme that you would like to portray in your profiles. Keep it up in such a way wherein they will constantly see you and be reminded that you are also a wedding photographer and that they should keep you in mind in case there is a need for wedding photographers somewhere.