5 Best WordPress Support for Photographers

wordpress support for photographersSo you’ve completed your wedding photoshoot, and now heading to find suitable WordPress support for photographers. What should you specifically look for? It is much better for you to immediately do the search so that you don’t lose the momentum, and your mood, in doing the editing for photos you’ve taken. You could add these edited photos to your own portfolio anyway.

As a photographer, it is important for you to have a representative and responsive website to display your portfolio for prospective clients to look at. One of the best site building platform that is used by many photographers is WordPress. This platform is picked because of its simplicity and capabilities.

WordPress support for photographers

While being hailed as the most-used site building platform, there are several main plugins available in WordPress that do not only support photographers, but also escalate their portfolio to a whole new level. These plugins solidify the platform’s reputation as the most popular platform for photographers. There are at least five best plugins that photographers could use to optimize their WordPress-based websites:

Envira Gallery

This is by far the best responsive photography plugin available in WordPress. This plugin would help you building beautiful and professional photo gallery on your website. In addition, this plugin would maintain the SEO application at your site, enabling it to be found by more visitors, which equals to more business opportunities to profit from.

Easy Watermark

There is nothing scarier than getting your shots being claimed by others irresponsibly. This is why this plugin becomes so important as it could help you adding watermarks automatically to the photos you upload on your site. This will greatly reduce the number of photo theft, thus you could be more confident and worry-free to upload your latest portfolio to the site.

W3 Total Cache

Slow loading and less responsive pages are the mostly encountered issues that a photography website could have due to the large size of their files. With this plugin, you could cache youur website better so that it would load much faster and rank much better. That being said, it is very essential to get this plugin installed on your site so that you could provide much better services to your clients.

BirchPress Scheduler

This plugin is also an essential WordPress support for photographers that could help you maintaining your daily life as a photographer. This plugin allows you to effectively manage your working schedule as it enables your potential clients to do online booking for an appointment on your website. This avoids you having to contact those clients one by one as it is really time consuming.

Floating Social Bar

Social media plugin is indeed a must-have one for your website, and Floating Social Bar is just a perfect solution to it. It is that little plugin that appears with the scroll of your page, which makes it easier for your site visitors to instantly share any particular element of your website through their social media accounts.

The five plugins which are included in WordPress support for photographers above will simplify your job as a photographer on daily basis. You could integrate those plugins to MyPhotoCTO, the best support you could get from WordPress to get your tasks as a photographer done wonderfully.